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Automotive Manufacturing Apprentice Program

The automotive manufacturing industry is being transformed through the creation of new demands for technical skills that align with an increasingly advanced technological future. In response to this, the SAP (Saleen Apprentice Program) has been developed as an accelerated, on-the-job, earn-as-you-learn program designed to provide participants with the technical skills necessary for emerging and in-demand roles in the industry. 


Open to applicants in the United States willing to work and train in-person in our Central Texas facility. A degree is not required to apply for most technical apprenticeship programs. We select apprentices based on a range of criteria, such as:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Technical aptitude and a passion for learning new things
  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to work independently and accept accountability
  • Persistence
  • Willingness to help others
  • Determination to succeed


Applying for the position is straightforward and simple, with eligibility determined by the merits of your school record, as well as your interest and enthusiasm for the role. Importantly, no prior experience is necessary, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience to apply for the position.